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summer '06

  I hate entries like this. I hate telling people directly how I truly feel; I leave that to my regular journal. Nevertheless, for once in my life, I have something to say.

Nicole said once to me: "You're lucky you're not here this summer."

She was right. I had apprehensions about moving this summer. I was leaving behind everything I knew and everyone I loved to come down to this hellhole. Acutally, I went through with it on an inkling. My inkling was proved correct.

This summer has been the worst and best in my life. Best because I "lost" my mother, made some major mistakes,  found out who my real friends are and lost what I thought meant the most to me. Best because I met some kick ass people, bonded with some family, found out who my real friends are, and fell in love twice; with the most wonderful man I have ever met and found my soulmate aka LB.  It seems a lifetime since Kyle's and my first kiss in the park I still  don't know the name of to tonight, when I told my followers at Starbucks my favorite fall/winter beverage. 

Yet, it doesn't seem like "good-bye" because it's not. When you love something/someone, he or she or it stays with you. Summer '06 is a part of me as much as the birth of my sister is. Here's to it. Here's to all the people I've loved, to all the fun times, and to every rule of Liberty University I've broken, which is more or less all of em:

<table bordercolor="#0000ff" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%" border="0">
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Student Affairs

Reprimands and Consequences
1 Reprimand
  • Curfew violation (one additional reprimand for each half-hour late until 2:00 a.m.) (check)
  • Late to Convocation (one additional reprimand for each 15 minutes late) (didn't go)
4 Reprimands + $10 Fine
  • Allowing unauthorized overnight visitor in residence room (not yet)
  • Absence from required meeting  (I don't do meetings)
  • Disturbance/non-participation during Convocation (I didn't go)
  • Dress/hair code violation: male or female
  • Failure to respond to an official call slip (for Student Affairs use only)
  • Horseplay (plus financial restitution)
  • Improper personal contact (anything beyond hand-holding)
  • Improper sign out
  • Missing Convocation
  • Music code violation
  • Outside residence hall after curfew
  • Residence hall disturbance/noise violation
  • Unauthorized borrowing (plus financial restitution)
6 Reprimands + $25 Fine
  • Attendance at a dance
  • Direct disobedience/disrespect
  • Disassembly or removal of residence hall furniture
  • Entering entryway of opposite sex on campus or allowing the same
  • Gambling
  • Improper social behavior
  • Possession and/or use of tobacco
  • Unauthorized room change
12 Reprimands + $50 Fine
  • Attendance at, possession or viewing of, an "R," "NC-17" or "X"-rated movie
  • Deception
  • Entering the residence hallway of the opposite sex or allowing the same
  • Entering the space above ceiling tiles
  • Out of residence hall overnight or substantial portion of the night without permission (after 2:00 a.m.)
  • Participation in an unauthorized petition or demonstration
  • Possession and/or viewing of sexually explicit material
  • Possession of a school key without authorization
  • Safety/security violation
  • Students of the opposite sex visiting alone at an off-campus residence
12-18 Reprimands + Corresponding Fine
  • Malicious horseplay/behavior (plus financial restitution)
  • Obscene, profane or abusive language or behavior
18 Reprimands + $250 Fine

+ 18 hours Disciplinary Community Service

  • Association with those consuming alcohol
  • Commission of a misdemeanor
  • Entering a residence hall apartment or quad of the opposite sex or allowing the same
  • Entering bedroom of the opposite sex on/off campus or allowing the same
  • Failure to properly identify oneself
  • Falsification of information on an official document
  • Racial harassment
  • Sexual harassment (i.e., unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or other conduct or comments of a sexual nature)
  • Sexual misconduct and/or any state of undress
  • Threat to do bodily harm
  • Vandalism (plus financial restitution)
30 Reprimands + $500 Fine

+ 30 hours Disciplinary Community Service + possible Administrative Withdrawal. NOTE: For each accumulation of six or more reprimands after 30, an additional $150 fine will be assessed.

  • Abortion
  • Academic dishonesty
  • Assault/sexual assault (minimum two semesters out)
  • Commission/conviction of any felony
  • Failure of three Christian/Community Services without reconciliation
  • Illegal drugs-association/possession, use/distribution (minimum two semesters out)
  • Immorality
  • Involvement with witchcraft, séances or other occult activities
  • Life-threatening behavior or language to others or oneself (immediate removal/exclusion from campus and a minimum of two semesters out)
  • Non-participation/disruption/non-compliance (possible removal/exclusion from campus)
  • Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Refusal to submit to an Alco-Sensor test and/or drug test as specified by the administration
  • Spending the night with a person of the opposite sex
  • Stealing or possession of stolen property (plus financial restitution; minimum two semesters out)
  • Two or more individuals of the opposite sex together in hotel/motel room without proper permission
  • Unauthorized possession/use of weapons

</tbody> </table>

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